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Thursday, 03 December 2015 09:27
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Information Technology Profile

Information technology is everywhere you look.  The dynamics and modern lifestyle with high-tech gadgets, advanced computer technology, requires everyone to learn and adapt the new way of living. There are many ways in which the information technology has impacted globalization and it is commonly believed that the information revolution made globalization possible.

The Ubaya Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Engineering Department and The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australia Faculty of Science and Engineering have agreed to establish the International Dual-Degree Program on Information Technology (ITDDP)since 2008. At the conclusion of the program, the ITDDP allows the Ubaya students to earn dual degrees of SarjanaKomputer (S.Kom.) from Ubaya and Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) from QUT.

The ITDDP curriculum consists of 146 credit points combining the Ubaya Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Engineering Department curriculum (100 Ubaya credit units) and the QUT Faculty of Science and Engineering curriculum (46 credit points) in Computer Science major. All academic courses delivered on the program (excluding Pancasila& Civic Education, Scientific Writing & Presentation, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Religious Education) are delivered in English.

The ITDDP normal study period is 3.5 years (7 semesters) and it comprises two parts as defined below:

Part 1: Semester I - V at Ubaya, Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Engineering Department.

Part 2: Semester VI - VII at QUT, Faculty of Science and Engineering