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Home News Talk Show on 'Healthy Internet' Ubaya Informatics Department
Talk Show on 'Healthy Internet' Ubaya Informatics Department
Monday, 30 March 2009 09:06
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Porn industry reports that 20-30% of teenagers ranges from 8-17 years old worldwide routinely access porn sites.

"That was the NRC report released in 2002. I am sure that in 2009, the number increases," said Son Kuswadi (Special Staff for Indonesian Minister of IT and Communication) last Sunday (29/3) in Surabaya.
In Talk Show "Healthy Internet" held by Ubaya, he underlined that 90% of teenagers unintentionally browse through porn sites. "That means that the technology used by porn industry is quite advanced. To minimize this, we have to filter all of information. Internet should not be avoided, because there are many benefits of internet, especially for the development of education and scientific knowledge," said Son who is also IT scholar from ITS Surabaya.

 "What is important is how to develop a filter to the negative impact of internet. China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and America are countries that have begun to develop the filter," he added.

Various methods to filter the negative impacts of internet are block porn sites by subscribing ISP that has a filter; parents guidance by placing monitor computer in position that can easily be monitored, and encouraging children to brows good information.
"All methods must be done at personal, family, office, school, internet café, and ISP. Government also supports by establishing several regulations or policies such as Telecommunication Act, ITE Decree, Pornography Act, and Multimedia Content Decree," he added.
"In the near future, government will appoint National Healthy Internet Team that can assist public in term of Internet Service. The team can assist public in taking any necessary actions related to technology, law, and evaluation of ISP," he ended.

quoted from Kompas.com Sunday, March 29, 2009