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Home News Exploring Student Interest to Secure and Proper Internet Browsing
Exploring Student Interest to Secure and Proper Internet Browsing
Thursday, 02 April 2009 08:53
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suarasurabaya.net| Besides searching information, people can use internet to build social networking. As a matter of facts, internet provides not only negative impact, but also positive impact especially for students.
That’s the opinion from RENATA SURYAPUTRA, SMA Santa Maria Surabaya student who won the 1st place on Opinion Competition “Proper (Healthy) Internet” organized by Ubaya Information Systems Study Program. Renata’s opinion entitled ”World Going Fun with Internet” has successfully eliminated other 52 opinions.

Her opinion said that internet is not something new for students. Even Kindergarten students already interact with internet. She indeed underlined the survey that shows students are very interested to use internet.

Renata said, ”Through internet, we can freely express our ideas. Enjoying advanced technology is also another pleasure moment for students. Yes, we can say world going fun with internet.”

To suarasurabaya.net, BAMBANG PRIJAMBODO one of the juries said, “The objective of this competition is to get ideas from high school students about healthy internet and update them that Information Systems study program is new program that involves a lot with internet. I am glad that we have a good numbers of participants. There are a total of 53 participants from Indonesian high schools including from Probolinggo, Kraksaan, Malang, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Jember, Surabaya, and even Samarinda. ”

Besides the competition, the organizing committee also held talk show on “Proper (Healthy) Internet” delivered by Indonesian Minister of IT and Communication, Surabaya City Government and Ubaya.

Meanwhile, the 2nd place is GRACE SHALYA SM from SMA Santo Paulus Jember, and the 3rd place is MUFLIH FATHONIAWAN from SMAN 1 Probolinggo. BENEDIKTA DWI KARTIKA from SMA Santa Maria Surabaya, LINDA YUNIARTI from SMA Petra II and DARWIN FEBRIANTO from SMA Petra IV Sidoarjo are the 4th-6th winner. (tin)

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