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Home News Ubaya Releases First Batch of Ubaya Faculty of Biotechnology Graduates
Ubaya Releases First Batch of Ubaya Faculty of Biotechnology Graduates
Saturday, 04 April 2009 08:59
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SURABAYA - Today (4/4), Ubaya once again held Graduation Ceremony on Ubaya Tenggilis campus. Today’s event is special, because this is the first time Ubaya graduates Ubaya faculty of biotechnology students.
In today’s ceremony, Ubaya graduates the total of 748 students, 117 faculty of pharmacy students, 97 faculty of law students, 258 faculty of economics students, 85 faculty of psychology students, 147 faculty of engineering students, and 1 faculty of biotechnology student. Indeed, Ubaya also graduates 43 postgraduate students.
Prof. Wibisono Hardjopranoto underlined, ”Today’s ceremony is quite special because this is the first time we graduate faculty of biotechnology student that has established since 2004.

Besides the first batch of graduation, the faculty of biotechnology has successfully produced a cumlaude student, namely Hanny Soedjatmiko Hartanto. “Thank you for the faculty, I successfully earned GPA 3.56 for my final thesis “Determining Optimum pH in Bio-ethanol Production using Zymomonas Mobilis,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the best graduates for postgraduate student is Yuliawati Tan from accounting department. Yuliawati wrote about “The Impact of Intellectual Capital to Market Value at Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2004-2006”.

Yuliawati thesis focused more on the exploration of intangible asset such as occupation, car, account receivable and so on. “Not many companies properly record their intangible assets. Most of them only record their tangible assets,” said Yuliawati who is also Ubaya lecturer.

“In fact, intangible asset is important to increase company’s share price. Then, it is important for companies to update public about their intangible assets,” ended Yuliawati who was born on 28 July 1971.

taken from www.ubaya.ac.id