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Home News Generating Olympiad Winners
Generating Olympiad Winners
Thursday, 30 April 2009 09:36
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SURABAYA -One of success factors for 3 SMAK St. Louis I Surabaya students in the 2009 National Science Olympiad selection (OSN), category biology, regional level, was due to the assistance from Ida Bagus Made Artadana. In last 12 months, this Ubaya faculty of biotechnology lecturer has in fact been supervising the 3 students.
Actually, there are 12 students who were supervised by Artadana. Yet, as there is a maximum quota, each school is only eligible to send maximum of 5 students. As the result, the first three winners are from SMAK St. Louis 1. They are Regina Ciputra, Michael Lucida, and Wewin Tjiasmanto.

According to Arta, Faculty Teknobiologi Ubaya has development program on biology. “We established this program since 2007 and called it “Biology and Science Club Development',” he said.

Last year, Arta successfully supervised 2 students to national level OSN. “Unfortunately, they did not win,” added Arta.

The program enriches students with study materials that are usually used in OSN. Arta said, “The program is also intended to SMAK St. Louis 1 biology teachers. Yet, 1 month before OSN, I focused the materials and questions to students.”

 “On this 2009 OSN, I believe 1 of them could win the national level OSN. Recently, I intensively train the students to prepare them to compete on province level OSN held on June,” he ended.

Taken from JawaPos 30 April 2009