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Home News Ubaya, My Motivation
Ubaya, My Motivation
Tuesday, 16 June 2009 09:07
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Remarkable achievement earned by Tanti Paulina (Ubaya Chemical Engineering Department student). She successfully qualified for the final round of the 2009 National Chemistery Olympiad for university level (ONMIPA-PT 2009). As a finalist, she is trained in ITB Bandung since 25 May.

Tanti Paulina Ubaya Chemical Engineering Department student successfully qualified for the final round of the 2009 National Chemistery Olympiad for university level (ONMIPA-PT 2009).
Tanti Paulina

During the interview session, Tanti who was born in 12 July 1989 expressed her gratitude to her lecturer, Aloysius Yuli Widianto ST. “Thank you to Mr. Aloysius who informed me about this competition. I just registered the competition 2 days before the registration closed. I am quite surprise with the result, because my preparation wasn’t so good. This is the first time I participate on the competition. Yet, I have strong motivation to strengthen Ubaya’s name. Ubaya is my motivation,” said Tanti who is SMAK St Louis 1 Surabaya alumni.

Her activities and assignments during the training are quite tough. She studies about chemical engineering from 8am-4pm. At night, she got assistance class from ITB lecturers.

“I am quite restless when deciding to join the training session in ITB. Thank you to my lecturers and friends who have encouraged and supported me to take the decision,” explained the girl who has the motto of ora et labora.

Next 18-19 June will be the final day. The winner of this competition is eligible to represent Indonesian in International competition held in Turkey. “For all my friends, thank you for the support. Keep your spirit up. Do your best on all lecture activities,” said Tanti to all of her friends.

Aloysius’ Opinion about Tanti

”She is a cool but very diligent student. That’s why I encourage her to participate in this ONMIPA-PT 2009. Her GPA is high. I know her as a cool but diligent student. During her high school period, she participated on various competitions. That’s why she had a lot of experience. Also, thank you to Ubaya that facilitates her a lot,” described Aloysius about Tanti.

citated from www.ubaya.ac.id