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Home News Clothes Drying Cabinet by Yohanda Widyatama Siswanto, Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering Student
Clothes Drying Cabinet by Yohanda Widyatama Siswanto, Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering Student
Friday, 02 October 2009 09:33
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In rainy season, drying clothes sometimes becomes an issue for household and boarding house. Realizing that issue, Yohanda Widyatama Siswanto (Ubaya manufacturing engineering student) created Clothes Drying Cabinet.

Yohanda and his Clothes Drying Cabinet [foto dok. Jawapos]
Yohanda and his Clothes Drying Cabinet [foto dok. Jawapos]

The dimension is the same with common cabinet. It is assembled from aluminum and melamine multiplex with the height of 130 cm and the width of 100 cm. There are button, timer, lamp indicator and electricity cable positioned on upper right of the cabinet.

That’s the drying cabinet created by Yohanda Widyatama Siswanto as his final thesis at Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering Department.

The cabinet functions to dry the washed clothes. The capacity is 15-20 pieces. “It generally needs 2 hours to dry 7 clothes. Yet, it also depends on the cloth types,” explained Yohanda. 

The clothes are hanged on the cabinet’s hanger. Once Yohanda hanged the clothes, the 23 years old boy connect the cable with electric power, press the on/off button and heat. The heater will automatically off based on the timer.

Besides the heater on bottom side, the cabinet is also equipped with 8 inches whole as air circulation placed on upper side. The heater element consists of several tin plates. It needs 800 watt to heat up the element.

During the interview session on Ubaya manufacturing engineering department, Yohanda explained, “I placed the heater on the bottom side because the heat evaporates from bottom to upper side. “Wet clothes will be evaporated by the heat. Then, the moisture will be removed through air circulation on upper side of cabinet. Ultimately, it will dry the clothes.”

The hot temperature will go out after 15 minutes. “Unfortunately, it can’t be instant,” added Yohanda. The temperature is set 40-50 degree. “Well, there are some clothes that will get burn if the temperature is too hot. To make the cabinet water proof, I plated it with polyvinyl and plastic.”

The idea to design the cabinet came up after he knew the clothes drying issue faced by household or boarding house. The clothes can’t be dried outside because of the rainy season. “In boarding house, our drying space is limited. Using this cabinet eases us to dry clothes,” described Yohanda.

Prior to design the cabinet, Yohanda did some study. He used questionnaires to the area surrounding his boarding house and Rungkut area. The questions on that questionnaire were the drying issue that usually happens during rainy season, the solution and the average of washed clothes in a day. “I know the household needs from that questionnaire,” he said.

In fact, household faces difficulty to dry the clothes during rainy season. As solution, most of them use fan to dry the clothes. “In average, each household washes 15-20 pieces in a day. That’s why the capacity of that cabinet is 15 pieces. I was happy because my supervisor approved my idea at the first time I proposed it,” he described.

"I approved Yohanda’s idea because it’s very unique and interesting idea,” said Ir Wiyanto, Yohanda’s supervisor.

Yohanda who has the hobby of playing guitar added, “I intend to design something that is very applicative and can be used by many people. I don’t want to make something that is not applicative. It’s useless. I did market research to make sure my product can give benefit for community.”

The assembling process of the cabinet took quite long time. Yohanda reassembled the cabinet several times because of the leakage. “I reassembled it 5 times because of some parts do not tie properly. He also moved air circulation position several times. First was on the left hand side, then on the upper side. “I had to reassemble it and make new whole,” said Yohanda who is the second child of 4 children.

The same thing happened to heater. First was positioned on left hand side, but it unsafe for children. “It is unsafe for children, then I moved the heater to bottom side. That’s the best position for the heater,” he added.

Yohanda was pleased with the support from his parents. His parents support not only in finance but also suggestion and idea. Before he designed the cabinet, he discussed his idea with his father. “My father accepted my idea. He has Machine engineering workshop, so he knows about machine.

The cabinet finished last August. “I received quiet a lot order. I advertised it through blog and email. Most of the buyers are apartment residents or owners of laundry business from East and West Java. My expectation of price will be IDR 1.5 million. Yet, it could be cheaper if it is produce in mass quantity. In future, I expect to make bigger cabinet and assembled it from wood,” said the boy who was born in Kudus.

citated from www.ubaya.ac.id