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Home News Ubaya Student Designs Board Game
Ubaya Student Designs Board Game
Saturday, 07 November 2009 08:52
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SURABAYA (SI) – Having the hobby of playing game has made Dwi Purnomo Adi (Ubaya student) to design software about traditional board game called Surakarta.

Dwi Purnomo Adi (Ubaya student) designed software about traditional board game called Surakarta
Surakarta Game designed by Dwi Purnomo Adi

This way of playing this board game is kind of similar with the way of playing chess. Yet, Surakarta game plays 12 pawns. The movement of pawns is the same with the movement of King on chess game. “The pawns can be moved only 1 step. They can move forward, backward, to left, right side and crossing,” said Purnomo on Ubaya Ngagel campus. Yet, in order to beat the opponent, pawns should move round first. If we see the board from top, the board of this game seems to be the same with Semanggi flyover in Jakarta.

The loser is player who first lost the whole pawns. For your information, I designed this as my final assignment,” added this Ubaya Informatics Department student. Indeed, Purnomo will be graduated with other 1,086 Ubaya students this coming Saturday (7/11). “Actually, I have several options for my final assignment. Yet, I chose this to preserve traditional game that is almost extinct,” said Purnomo who has another hobby of playing basketball. Surakarta game offers 3 difficulty levels.

This game can be played by 2 players or 1 player versus computer. Purnomo needs 3 months to design Surakarta game. “Being inspired by chess software game, which has 3D illustration when we move our spawns, I plan to make the 3D version and add some songs,” ended Purnomo. (zaki zubaidi)

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