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Home News The Most Current Trend of Animation
The Most Current Trend of Animation
Monday, 16 November 2009 14:07
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Animation grows in a very rapid way. It grows domestically and internationally, in the form of 2D and 3D. This opens the opportunity for creative industry, particularly in Indonesia.

Ubaya as prominent university is always ready to accommodate all of its students’ needs, including animation. Hence, on 10 November, Ubaya welcomed Beoscope.com to give guest lecture in Ubaya and disseminate information about “Animafest 2009–Local Heroes” competition. “The theme of this competition is local heroes. All participants’ creation must have Indonesian hero element. We give privilege to Ubaya as the first place to launch this competition,” described Purwanto Hasan, Beoscope creative and content manager. Audiences who come from Ubaya or outside Ubaya eagerly asked a lot of questions during the Q&A session.

Speakers are demonstrating the benefit of blender
Speakers are demonstrating the benefit of blender

During the event, Beoscope was accompanied by Blender Indonesia which promotes open source software called Blender. They also share their knowledge on 3D animation workshop. “Blender is better than other paid software. Blender can be used for 3D, video rendering and editing,” described Hiza Ro (Blender Indonesia Forum Founder). Talk and action. Blender didn’t only talk but also act. To show Blender quality, it presented how to operate Blender, then showed 3D animation produced by that software.

After Blender’s session, Adhicipta R Wirawan (Forum Blender Indonesia administrator who is also Ubaya lecturer) spoke about Blender Forum in Indonesia. The 3 hours event seemed very useful for audience. “This event is very interesting, because we can try to make adaptation for any difficulty we face. The forum is also useful for consultation. Besides, this software is original and free of charge so that reduces plagiarism and piracy,” said Winda Halim (the 2008 Ubaya Multimedia student).

citated from www.ubaya.ac.id