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Home News Robot Competition in BG Junction
Robot Competition in BG Junction
Monday, 16 November 2009 16:07
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In recent days, more people and institution pay attention on robot. One of them is Ubaya Electrical Engineering department. Yesterday and today, it organizes regional robot competition for Senior High Schools at Rainbow Atrium BG Junction.

Participants are showing their robot
Participants are showing their robot

The competition is divided into 3 categories, namely robosimulator, robosoccer and futboladiator. 32 teams participated on robosimulator and 14 teams participated on robosoccer. Some of the teams are SMAN 1 Gresik, SMKN 2 Pasuruan, SMA Gloria Surabaya, SMAN 4 Bojonegoro, SMAN 5 Surabaya and SMAN 1 Tuban.

”We open futboladiator for public. Anyone is eligible to participate. There is no quota and people can register on the spot,” said Susilo Wibowo (Chairman of Organizing Committee).

Each robosimulator team consists of 2 people. They are required to design computer program for futsal match. Program from each team will be battled with others. 1 referee will examine the match from 1 computer screen that can be accessed by 2 teams. Referee has the right to stop the match once the program gets error or hard to control. If so, both teams are permitted to reposition their players so that the match can be restarted as the initial position.

“Before this event, we enrich them on how to develop the futsal program,” said Susilo who is also Ubaya Electrical Engineering lecturer.

Want to Play Soccer Using Robot?

46 teams from SMA in East Java province participated on Hardware Robosoccer Competition titled “Ubaya Robosoccer Competitions (URC) 2009” held by Ubaya on 14-15 November.

”The 46 teams consist of 32 teams for Robosimulator and 14 teams for Robosoccer 3 on 3,” described Dr Nemuel Daniel Pah (Ubaya Head of Electrical Engineering Department) in Surabaya last Sunday (15/11).

This is the first time the competition competes Robosoccer 3 on 3 because Robosimulator has been competed since 2000. ”Robosoccer 3 on 3 competes 3 square robots from 1 team to other 3 robots from other team. Similar with soccer match, both teams try to make as many goals as possible,” said Dr. Nemuel.

Robosimulator is almost the same, but it uses simulation in computer. All depends on computer program. “SMAN I Tuban won Robosimulator category after beating 3 teams of SMAK Carolus, SMAK Gloria, and SMAK Petra 4 on semifinal. SMAN I Gresik won Robosoccer 3 on 3 category,” he explained.

The participants of Robosoccer 2009 are not only from Tuban but also Pasuruan, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Malang, Gresik, Bojonegoro and etc.

”First winner will receive scholarship for Registration fee on Ubaya Electrical Engineering Department. First winner of Robosoccer 3 on 3 will receive prize money of IDR 2 million. While, first winner of Robosimulator will receive prize money of IDR 1 million. This competition is held to increase the interest of high school students to electrical and computer programming,” ended Dr. Nemuel.

citated from www.ubaya.ac.id