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Home News Ubaya Industrial Engineering Department Held National Conference
Ubaya Industrial Engineering Department Held National Conference
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 16:00
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Approximately 120 academicians from 15 state and private Indonesian universities will attend National Industrial Engineering Conference (NIEC) held on 2-3 December 2009 at Novotel Hotel Surabaya.

NIEC is a national industrial engineering conference held regularly by Ubaya Industrial Engineering Department in conjunction with various institutions from government and private as well as education and non-education institutions.

Began in 2002, NIEC has consistently disseminated information about new paradigm in a competitive and borderless industry and business world.

To suarasurabaya.net, INDRI HAPSARI (NIEC Secretary) on Tuesday (01/12) said that NIEC consists of seminar and workshop with this year theme of “Industrial Engineering in a Competitive and Borderless World: Innovation and Technopreneurship for Improving National Economics”.

There will be 3 speakers on the seminar; they are BUDI SANTOSO as PT Agrindo Director, BENY PURNOMO from PT Sampoerna Tbk and Prof. JONIARTO PARUNG from Ubaya. The workshop will reveal about business plan and market survey.

”Academicians, business practitioners, consultants and professionals could learn best practical engineering techniques that have successfully been implemented in industry.
Besides, there will be sharing knowledge and discussion about latest theory, methods and ideas among experts in this event. We also hope this event will strengthen collaboration between academicians/experts and industry,” described INDRI.

“We also welcome public to attend this event as the speakers’ thoughts are applicative and innovative to be used in daily life,” she ended.

Source: suarasurabaya.net, 1-12-2009