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Home News Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering Student Designs an Integrated Salt Refiner and Drier Machine
Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering Student Designs an Integrated Salt Refiner and Drier Machine
Saturday, 16 January 2010 09:24
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A miniature with capacity of 20 kg/hour

Being inspired by his father’s business in salt production, Alexander Edward Tanoko, Ubaya Manufacturing Engineering student designs a salt refiner and drier machine. Alexander claims that his machine is better compared to other similar machines.

Salt, when it has just been obtained from salt pan is wet, with soil, gravel, and other dirt. To make it eatable, the salt must previously be purified, dried and refined. That what salt producer usually do.

A salt refiner machine, according to Alexander Edward Tanoko, is usually assembled in separate machine of refiner, drier, and grinder. “As each machine has big dimension, it is usually placed apart among each other,” he said.

“Hence, during production process, the production area becomes messy and dirty. It becomes worst when the machine can not maintain the hygiene of that salt,” he added.

Due to that reason, as manufacturing engineering student, he designs an integrated salt refiner and drier machine. “The drier, refiner, and grinder are integrated into 1 machine. That’s the feature of my machine,” said Alex.

The shape is similar with a rice milling machine. The only different is the long pipe that connects drier and grinder machine. 1 machine consists of 3 parts, they are drier, pipe, and grinder. Each part is supported with steel. “Well, it is easy to move my machine because it has foots,” said Alex with smile.

The mechanism: the raw salt is placed into drier using rotary dryer system. That system utilizes rotating wheel that is connected with vapor heater. “Drying process is important to allow produce good refined salt,” said Alex who is from Bondowoso.

citated from Jawa Pos, 16-01-2010