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Home News Chair Made from a Cardboard, Wallet Made from a Cement Bag
Chair Made from a Cardboard, Wallet Made from a Cement Bag
Friday, 04 June 2010 09:05
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RUNGKUT - Little hands of Muhammad Rafkhasali friskily play over used food wrapper cardboards. He skillfully makes the pattern and starts cutting up the cardboards into a chair.

hat occasion occurred on Zero Waste Workshop organized by Ubaya Product Management and Design Department on 3/6 participated by 20 high school students. Rafka creates a chair namely a chair of relaxation. The chair is shaped like a beach chair.

”This chair is specially designed for relaxing,” he said. This SMA 2 Tuban student admitted that his prototype is inspired by several beaches that he found in Tuban.

In production process, Rifki creates a pattern first. “I did some surveys about the shape of chair on internet. Certainly, to harden a chair, I cover it with timber and plywood,” he explained.
Vicky, another participant, made chair from cardboard. “I name it with star chair because its shape is like a star. That chair is suitable for children,” he said.

“Amazing, in fact we can make chair from cardboard,” she said. This 3rd grade SMA Frateran student said that she just knows how to make chair from cardboard after participating on the workshop.

According to Guguh Sudjatmiko (Ubaya lecturer who involves on the workshop), “We deliberately use cardboard to acknowledge participants on how to utilize used materials. This is to nurture students to be more critical to environment,” he said. As a matter of facts, used materials can be transformed into useful items.

Indeed, chair is selected due to some reasons. According to Guguh, chair is useful and familiar item. “Participants are taught to process waste into useful items,” he said.

He hoped the workshop could reduce the waste. At the same time, that can encourage students to be more aware to environment.  

Besides cardboard, there are bags of cement used to make handbags and wallets. “Anyway, at this workshop there is no used material wasted,” described Ian Anthony (organizing committee chairman).

Taken from Jawa Pos, 4 Juni 2010