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Home News Attractive Game Console 'Shake and Grab the Ball' created by Hendra and Hanny
Attractive Game Console 'Shake and Grab the Ball' created by Hendra and Hanny
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 08:45
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Shake it instead of press buttons. Simple but applicative. Placing that concept as the inspiration, 2 Ubaya students Hendra Sanjaya and Dimas Hanny Permana have successfully developed a game console named “Shake and Grab the Ball”.

Attractive Game Console with various features developed by Hendra and Hanny
[doc. Maulana - Deteksi Jawa Pos]

The small console was actually created to participate on LCEN (Electrical Devices Invention National Competition-LCEN) 2008 organized by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya. It has successfully brought Hendra and Hanny into the 3rd place winner on telematics field.

”I initially felt inferior to bring this device because our competitors brought big size devices. They even use GPS technology. Ours is only small instrument placed in shoe box, he…he... Fortunately, we can demonstrate that this instrument is applicative and can be developed broadly. High score was given to our instrument because it is applicative and very innovative,” said Hendra. 

Form of innovation is seen from the installment of IC microcontroller (Microprocessor R8C/13) as a main element of the console. Microprocessor R8C/13 is categorized as Renesas. The dimension and size are smaller than other IC Microprocessor

”The Renesas electrical power is very low, only 9 Mw. While, the access rate is 20 MHz,” said Hanny. Automatically, this will save the energy resource consumption (it uses a PP3 battery as energy resource).

The game console can stay for 10 hours. The tool also utilizes accelerometer system with ADXL 202E response. This system enables the user to control the game only by shaking it.

Currently, the type of game is only one. It is a mini-game that requires the user to catch the ball that fell from the top using a basket. That basket will move to left and right following our hand movement,” stated Hendra.

The sensor mechanism is simple, it is almost the same with the shaking feature in Sony Ericsson (SE) W910 mobile phone. “SE 910 uses accelerometer 3 axis, while we adjust it and uses 2 axis. This mini-chip acceleration sensor actually can detect movement based on x and y axis. Yet, at the moment this instrument can only detect x axis movement,” added Hanny.

The mini-chip generates different tensions. It depends on the ADXL 202E position. The tension is the substitution of the ordinary control button.

”Actually, we can develop more variety of games. The LCD can also be replaced by the color one. Yet, there are 2 constraints that hinder us. They are, expensive development cost and the complexity of software program.

“We have a lot of ideas to develop this console. For example, by installing SD Card slot, we can store a lot of games,” ended Hendra.

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citated from www.ubaya.ac.id