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Home News Trying to be the Best in Ubaya Industrial Games XVIII
Trying to be the Best in Ubaya Industrial Games XVIII
Friday, 06 February 2009 15:14
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Yesterday (5/2), there was a different scenery at Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) China Zone. A group of teenagers wearing whitish grey enthusiastically participated on the competition there. They are the participants of Industrial Games XVIII themed “Quality for Customers” organized by Industrial Engineering Department Ubaya.

Pawn is one of the instruments used on Ubaya Industrial Games XVIII at PTC

Yogi Karista Gunawan (Vice Chairman of the Committee) said,” This competition is intended to examine the strategy and the competency of participants. This year’s event is different with last year’s event. We used halma game to select the participants. We have big size halma board, 10 x 11 meter.”

As the rule of the game, each group is required to answer the questions from the jury. If the answer is correct, the team will be advanced to more difficult questions. “Then the team will earn points that enable them to move their pawns. The points will determine their pawn’s step,” he described.

The fastest pawn will earn the highest points. The pawns can also overlap each other. “In order to become the fastest in reaching the finish line, the participants need accuracy as well as appropriate strategy,” he added.

After selection through halma game is finished, the participants undertook the second selection called rally tenant and rally fun. Participants should find some tenants that have instructed by the jury. “The participants will receive questions and instructions from tenant. The instructions will be the direction to continue the rally to other tenants,” he said.

Approximately 70 teams from several schools in Surabaya participated and enjoyed the event. From the 70 teams, 20 teams will be selected for semifinal round and afterward 10 best teams qualify for final round.

Industrial Game will be held until tomorrow (7/2). The semifinal round is held today. At the semifinal round, the participants are scored based on their productivity and product quality. “The highest score will be given to those with the biggest number of products and the best quality product.  

While the final round held tomorrow expects the students to create product instructed by the jury. Besides the quality of the product, the jury will also examine the finalists’ negotiation competency with buyers.

One of the participants, Ryan Soegandy from SMAK Frateran described,” The game was very attractive for us. Although I became very tired, I really enjoyed the game. We need appropriate strategy to solve the instruction,” he ended.

source: Jawapos, 6 Feb 2009

citated from www.ubaya.ac.id