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Chemical Engineering
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Website : http://tk.ubaya.ac.id

BAN-PT No. 017/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/X/2005 dengan peringkat “B”

Chemical Engineering is a field of study with a purpose to apply the basic knowledge and application to study all kinds of processes related to the production of materials that are beneficial and economical for the effort to improve the welfare of human being. Because the problems in the chemical industry are quite complicated and varies, hence chemical engineering students will be taught synthesis analysis methods, problem solving related to process and operation, designing chemical industry equipments and solving the effect caused by chemical process, especially related to the environment.

Future career:
  • Process Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Plant Operation/production related to the operational of plant
  • Plant Technical Service
  • Quality Control
  • Research and Development (R & D)
  • Environment Risk Assessor
  • Environmental safety and Health
  • Technical Sales
  • Customer Technical Service
  • Researcher
  • Consultant for Plant operation and construction  
  • Faculty members and also can be  
  • Entrepreneur

There are three field of interests in Chemical Engineering Ubaya, namely Chemical Engineering, Food Processing Technology, and Environmental Technology and Science. Chemical Engineering students have to choose one of the fields of interests when they are going to start their 3rd semester.

Chemical Engineering field of interest emphasises in mastering knowledge and technology related to the general chemical industry. It covers the designing of the process and process equipment, the operation and controlling process, process efficiency and optimally, monitoring and controlling the product quality, product development.

Food Processing Technology
Students who choose Food Processing Technology field of interest will get additional knowledge about basic knowledge and application related to the production process in food and drink industry such as food chemistry, processing technology of food and drink products, the analysis of food and drink materials, controlling the quality and safety of food, food microbiology, food bio technology, food standard and management, processing industry of farming and sea product.

Environmental Technology and Science Field of Interest
Students who choose Environmental Technology and Science field of interest will get additional knowledge about basic knowledge and application related to environmental management. It includes water science and technology, solid and poisonous waste management, environmental microbiology principal, pollution preventing and controlling technology, water-land -air pollution, environmental risk assessment.

Chemical Engineering Curriculum

- The general requirements to become a graduate:
- Have earned the minimum of 144 SKS
- Have completed all of compulsory subjects
- The minimum GPA (IPK) of 2.00
- The “D” grade results achieved are less than 20 % from the total SKS taken
- Have completed the Student Orientation Programme (MOB)
- Have achieved a minimum “C” grade result in the following subjects
  • Pancasila and Civic Education
  • Mass and Energy weighing scale
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering I
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering II
  • Chemical Engineering Operation I
  • Chemical Engineering Operation II
  • Chemical Engineering Operation III
  • Thermodynamic I
  • Chemical Factory Design
  • Process Control
  • Practical Work
  • Research
  • Project Design