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Information Systems Programme
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BAN-PT No. 016/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/S1/V/2004 dengan peringkat A

Information Systems Programme Ubaya is designed to generate graduates who are competence to utilise and implement IT (Information Technology) on business and industry. So that graduates from Information Systems Programme will not only master the IT but also master the management and business strategies. Graduates are expected to be able to analyse information and understand business process, able to determine specification and a system design of various types of company and eventually, able to implement it. More than that, this will prepare graduates to be more adaptive and flexible in facing the rapid growth of technology and organisation.

Information Systems Ubaya students are required to take144 SKS – 126 SKS of compulsory subjects and 18 SKS of elective subjects and all SKS are designed to be finished within 8 semesters. Students are eligible to apply for work placement after they have earned the minimum of 90 SKS. Students can propose for their final thesis after they have earned the minimum of 110 SKS. In addition, students are eligible for their final thesis presentation after they have finished 129 SKS.
The curriculum at Information Systems programme Ubaya is applicative, effective and is designed under the international standard. It is the intention of the curriculum to equip students with the highest level of competency in implementing and managing hardware/software/communication technology and operating organisational theory, management, and finance/accounting.  

The programme offers three field of interests. The students are eligible to choose one field of interest once the students have taken the minimum of 12 SKS of their elective subjects (from the total of 18 SKS of elective subjects) under the chosen field. While, the rest of 6 SKS could be chosen from the general elective subjects or from the elective subjects under the other two field of interests.


This field of interest focuses on the way of utilising and implementing Web-based Information Technologies to the benefit of business plan. Besides that, this field also study about the way of properly analysing and utilising Web-based Information Technologies to maximize the business processes and improve the competitiveness of company.

Business Intelligence and Management Support System

This field of interest focuses on studying various methods that could assist company in maximising and utilising the availability of data to provide the essential information useful for business competition. For example, gathering current information and knowledge using data mining-the process of sorting through large amounts of data available at data warehouse.

Corporate Information System

This field of interest focuses on studying several types of Information System that are commonly used by company. Students will understand the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is an integrated information system that enables company to integrate several data sources and processes into a unified system.

In order to support learning process, practical work and research projects, Information Systems Programme Ubaya provides sophisticated computer laboratories equipped with modern equipments and internet facility.  The programme also provides special laboratory for students who are doing research projects with lecturers or final thesis.

Future career for Information System Programmes Ubaya graduates:

  • IT Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Analyst and Designer
  • Database Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information System (IS) Auditor

Information Systems Curriculum

The general requirements to become a graduate:
- Have earned the minimum of 144 SKS
- Have completed all of compulsory subjects
  • The minimum GPA (IPK) of 2.00
  • The “D” grade results achieved are less than 20 % from the total SKS taken
  • Have completed the Student Orientation Programme (MOB)
  • Have achieved a minimum “C” grade result in the following subjects:
  • Information Systems Development Project II
  • Practical Work
  • Final Assignment