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Multimedia Programme
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BAN-PT No. 016/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/S1/V/2004 dengan peringkat A

Multimedia is a study programme under Faculty of Engineering Ubaya, which was established on the academic year of 2007-2008. The programme was designed to prepare graduates to become an expertise and a professional on the field of multimedia, graphic design, animation, game interactive development, video and audio editing as well as interactive website design, and programming. Multimedia graduates are able to work in all kinds of professions such as:

  • Multimedia developer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • 3D/2D animator
  • Games developer
  • Video/sound engineer
  • Creative Art designer
  • IT Programmer
  • Practitioner on Advertising, Production House, and etc.

Multimedia Programme Ubaya is open for all students who have graduated from senior high school, Science/Social class (IPA/IPS) and from relevant SMK. In general, potential students of multimedia programme are not required to have a drawing competency, because the multimedia programme will teach students from the basic drawing technique to the advance use of computer. This is aimed to stimulate students’ competency in graphic design and computer programming. Besides that, students are enriched with business knowledge, communication skills, leadership knowledge, entrepreneurship, and innovative knowledge. All of the five knowledge’s will assist and enable students in producing solid, useful, and valuable multimedia products.
The study materials of Multimedia Programme including:

• Interactive Multimedia     
This study material is developed to produce various interactive programmes in the form of CD/DVD, Web or other forms of media. The content of these interactive programmes are usually the combination between graphic design, animation, and audio video. The examples of interactive multimedia are Company Profile in the form of CD/DVD, Interactive Game, and Interactive Learning CD/DVD.

• Graphic Design
It is a combination of several subjects that related to the basic concepts of design (aesthetics, composition of colour, etc) and the advance use of computer design tools.   
The examples are graphic design for computer and printing office (Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, etc).
• 3D Object and Animation Model
The animation model studied under this study material can be 2D or 3D. The various results of the animation could be combined into interactive multimedia products, such as game, advertisement, website, and even movie production.

• Video and Sound Editing
The combination between the various results of the video & sound editing and various results of animation will be a movie. While, the combination between the result of video & sound editing and computer programme will generate interactive multimedia products (advertisement, game, company profile, and etc).

• Dynamic Web Design and Programming
The web design is expected to be attractive in term of web-content, web-performance, and is expected to be a user friendly for the users. Besides the knowledge of how to design a website, the students will also earn the knowledge of Human Computer Interaction, so that students will able to design the web that can fulfil and satisfy the users’ needs as well as can easily and comfortably be accessed by the users. Dynamic Web Programming focuses on designing a dynamic web, which is connected with the database

• Game Interactive Design
This is designed to give a deep understanding towards the steps of designing and implementing multimedia products in the form of interactive games. The interactive games produced could be the computer game, online game (website) as well as games on mobile devices, such as on mobile phone or on PDA.

• Database Programming
The database programming elaborates comprehensively the initial steps to the final steps of Computer Programme Development that is connected to the database for the purpose of recording, finding, modifying information, and analysing information gathered from the available data on the database. This study material is important because it can be implemented when processing the data on web-based or windows-based multimedia applications.

The normal study period for Multimedia students is 8 semesters, with the study load of 144 SKS – 123 SKS of compulsory subjects and 21 of elective subjects. Beside several general elective subjects, the multimedia programme also offers several elective subjects that support the two field of interests, namely “Internet and Programming” and “Design and Animation”

Internet and Programming
This field of interest focuses on mastering computer programming, internet, and their application to multimedia. The study materials covered under this field of interest are the artificial intelligence, the most recent knowledge of systems design and implementation, the latest internet technology and so on.

• Design and Animation
This field of interest focuses on producing a very comprehensive graphic design and multimedia animation knowledge. The study materials covered under this field of interest are the most current animation technology, advertising project, printing project, and more advance design theories and so on.

Students at multimedia programme possess the right to choose their own elective subjects under the chosen field of interest or equally choose elective subjects under both field of interests, supplemented with the general foundation subjects (MKU).  


Multimedia Curriculum

The general requirements to become a graduate:
- Have earned the minimum of 144 SKS
- Have completed all of compulsory subjects

  • The minimum GPA (IPK) of 2.00
  • The “D” grade results achieved are less than 20 % from the total SKS taken
  • Have completed the Student Orientation Programme (MOB)
  • Have achieved a minimum “C” grade result in the following subjects:
  • Pancasila and Civic Education
  • Studio Multimedia II
  • Practical Work
  • Final Assignment