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Welcome to the homepage for the Dean's office. Eric Wibisono, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D. presently serves as the Dean of Faculty of Engineering. The Dean of Engineering works with the Vice Dean, Department Chairs, Administrative Staffs and Student Leaders to carry out the vision, mission of the Faculty of Engineering.

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering Website Ubaya (FTU). I will be using this a good opportunity to socialize and extend some things related to FTU in the coming years. At least in 4 years (2007-2011) FTU will improve some  strategic issues in the strategic plan FTU in 2010 with a focus on building 5E, namely: (1) Excellence in Research and Services (High Impact Research and industrial services), (2) Excellence in Education (High Quality Educational Experience), (3) Excellence in Management and Systems, (4) Excellence in Partnership and Networking, and (5) Excellence in (alternative) Income Generation.

Associated with the focus on the development, all movement and activity to the future of the FTU will be directed to support and strengthen the growth 5E. This is so that I need to submit a reference and input of all parties, both internal and external, in preparing the plan and the various activities and cooperation, including the decision to join in the FTU for high school students

I hope this website can not only become a media of communication but also a bridge for cooperation and collaborate and gave birth to a variety of inspiration in new ideas and innovation for progress together in the future.

Eric Wibisono, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D

The Dean of Faculty Engineering University of Surabaya